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    Michael Kuetemeyer - Producer
Michael has been an active producer of award winning experimental and documentary media for the past 10 years. He is a founder of Fire Work Studios and Termite TV Collective and recently co-produced Kamaka'eha (aching eye). He received training as a meterologist and media artist at the University of Wisconsin - Madison and earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in Film and Media Arts from Temple University, where he currently teaches Non-linear Video Editing and Multimedia.

Anula Shetty - Producer
Anula has been producing alternative films and videos for the past five years and is currently completing a narrative film shot on location in India. Paddana (Song of the Ancestors), is a film about three generations of Indian women, living in a house inhabited by ancestral spirits. Her earlier works have been broadcast on Public Television and exhibited in festivals and art gallaries. She co-produced Kamaka'eha (aching eye) and is a director of the Termite TV Collective.

Matthew Fisher - Program Designer
Matthew is a multimedia designer with a B.A. in film. He spent over seven years in radio production and record label management before circumventing the globe and returing to computer design. When he is not traveling to another continent or playing 3D computer games, Matthew is reseraching his next project, a CD-ROM on Marcel Duchamp. He is one of the founders of Fire Work Studios.

Daniel Kuetemeyer - Graphic Designer
Daniel graduated from the University of the Arts with a degree in Painting. He loves movies (Kurosawa and Kieslowski) and his bald head. He has been creating computer graphics for 9 years.

Steve Mattox, Ph.D. - Geologist / Geoscience Educator

Steve's background is in both research and education. For his Ph.D. he studied the composition of volcanic rocks in Utah. He has worked as a ranger at HVNP and wrote "A Teacher's Guide to the Geology of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park". He is Co-PI of Volcanology for Earth Science Teachers, a program that brings teachers to Hawai'i for training. He has taught geology classes at Northern Illinois University, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and University of Hawai'i at Hilo and trained teachers from national to local levels. Steve currently works on Volcano World.

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